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Ronald J Pandolfi


10944 San Pablo Ave Apt 531
El Cerrito CA, 94530


Specialized Skills

Proficiency in:
  • Python
  • C, C++
  • REST, Flask design patterns
  • Qt
  • Matlab
  • Mathematica


Ph.D. in PhysicsFall 2009 — Dec 2014

University of California, MercedSpecialty: Molecular dynamics simulation, small angle x-ray scattering
Advisor: Prof. Linda S. Hirst

B.S. in Physics, MathematicsFall 2005 — Spring 2009

Randolph-Macon College

Work experience

Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications, Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryFeb 2015 — Present

Project Scientist; Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Lead developer and project manager of cross-facility collaboration synchrotron data analysis and management platform, Xi‑cam (Available online), with 5 active developers; in use at 5 energy science laboratories, 7 universities, and 3 industry partners
  • Encourage adoption of Xi-cam platform API and integration with Xi-cam as plugins
  • Support scientists with data analysis, simulation, and training
  • Design data flow pipelines in Tomography, NEXAFS, and Scattering

University of California, MercedSummer 2010 — Dec 2014

Graduate Student Researcher; Teaching Assistant
  • Developed molecular dynamics software, models, and experimental methods
  • Directed 72 hours continuous beamtime experiments in shifts, coordinating optimal use of available time
  • Teaching 4 discussion and lab sessions per week

Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, SLAC National Accelerator LaboratoryMay 2009 — Aug 2009

Summer Undergraduate Laboratory Internship
  • Developed and implemented software tools for crystallographic texture analysis

Randolph-Macon College, Marketing and Communications DepartmentSep 2005 — May 2009

Web Assistant
  • Performed web development and programming tasks for faculty and staff
  • Aided in a successful full site redesign, CMS implementation, and site administration for college website

National Science Resources Center - Communications and Media division,May 2006 — Aug 2006

  • Developed science education materials for the 2007 Smithsonian Science Education Academies for Teachers

Workshops & Presentations

Workshop Organizer: CAMERA tomographic reconstruction and analysis capabilities, CAMERA Tomography Workshop 2017, Nov 2017.
Xi-cam and other new software for synchrotron users and collaborators, ALS User Meeting 2017, Oct 2017.
Xi-cam: Platform for Synchrotron Data Reduction, Visualization, and Management, canSAS IX, June 2017.
Data Reduction and Management with Xi-cam, Workshop, GISAS Summer School, Jul 2016.
Hackathon Co-Organizer: NSLS II Data Management Planning Meeting and Hackathon, Feb 2018.
Materials Data Infrastructure Integration Workshop and Hackathon, Dayton OH, Sep 2017.
Invited Talk: Xi-cam: Addressing the Data Challenge for X-Ray Scattering, ALS User Meeting 2016, Oct 2016.


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